Next Repair Cafes – June 4th and 11th

Wow, what a great open day we had with Permapatch and Sydney Crop Swap! Costa Georgiadis joined us and gave us a bit of a plug on his official facebook page and we had heaps of repairs! It was a great buzz and  the home made pizza and wine were an added bonus! It was a bit quieter on Mothers Day but we’re looking forward to June and keeping more stuff out of landfill. Check out our facebook page for the latest happenings.

Next Repair Cafes – June 4th and 11th

Next Repair Cafes – 7 and 14 May

We’re about:


Reduce waste through repair,

Reduce landfill,

Sharing repair skills

Community building

Saving money

Saving time

May 7 Cafe  joint event with Permapatch and CropSwap

Visitors to our April Repair Café days made 115 successful fixes! With the help of our skilled volunteers, the visitors repaired items ranging from clothing to jewellery to small battery operated gadgets to shoes and tools sharpening.

We will be open as usual in May, on the first and second Sundays.

Make a note of the first Sunday, 7th May. This is a special occasion. We will celebrate a joint open event day with Permapatch Community Garden. We also welcome the participation of Crop Swap Sydney.

This is a day not to be missed!

Do come early and visit the Permapatch Community Garden located right behind the Café. Wander through the garden, enjoy morning tea, wood fire pizza, wine (by donation) and participate in the Crop Swap.


Items you can bring along for swapping can include vegies, herbs or home made sauces, jams or baked goods before heading to visit us at the Repair Cafe.

The Cafe will be open for an extra hour, from 1 til 4pm on this day only.

Below are the events on May 7: –
1030 Permapatch Community Garden open to the public; garden tours and talks.
1100 free morning tea
11:15 demonstration of making raw jelly from a green grass jelly plant. Seedlings of this amazing plant will be given free during Crop Swap
11:30 Introducing Crop Swap Sydney, and swap begins
12:30 wood fired pizza and wine ( by donation)
1pm Repair Café opens
1 to 4pm garden tours continue

Place: Chatswood South Uniting Church Hall, corner Pacific Hwy and Mowbray Road. Parking at back of Church Hall.
For more information contact Wendy 0410280912 or 94204884. Email:


“So that’s how it’s done – I can do that myself!”

image 1Photo shows a young visitor watching his dad add a stitch or two to the strap of mom’s ‘special occasion’ shoes. One of the most satisfying moments at the Repair Café is when the visitor says  “so that’s how it’s done -I can do that myself!”

All welcome. There’s no charge for repairs, food or drinks. Donations are appreciated!

Place: Uniting church hall, corner of Mowbray Road and Pacific Hwy

Time /date: 1 to 3pm Sundays April 2 and April 9 (first and second Sundays of the month)

Remember to make time to visit the wonderful Permapatch Community Garden, located right next to the Repair Café.

Next Repair Cafes – 7 and 14 May

Successful Open Day with Permapatch Community Garden Held on Sunday 8 January 2017


At our first Café for the year 2017…

It was a frustrating problem on the Gadget table. The visitor had brought in a toaster – one side was working, the other side wasn’t. Should you advise them to toss it and buy a new toaster, or live with it? The Gadgets team didn’t think they could fix it.

They were reluctant to send the visitor away with nothing, so they cleaned it out – there was a stash of crumbs in its innards.

Turns out the crumbs were tripping the switch… a clean-out was enough to set it working again.


Then, at the sewing table, there was the wedding gown with a less-than-perfect fit. The visitor was envisioning a complicated set of darts to lose the excess fullness. The sewing team advised shifting the buttons instead. A simple operation – and one that the visitor was delighted to work on for herself.

One of the most satisfying moments at the Repair Café is when the visitor says “so that’s how it’s done -I can do that myself!”

In the Garden, the Day went well. To begin with, there were ten people arrived early for a talk on pests and diseases, which evolved into a problem-solving session of‘ask the experts’, Mandy and Jeremy from PSN. It was all very pleasant. One lady said straight out that she liked the idea of Permapatch Garden relocating to the Artamon Bowlo. A couple of people said they would put info about us on their websites, blogs etc…


Over the extended Day, there were more than 100 people through the hall. Some were repeat visitors with items to mend. Some were passers-bye, just curious about the Café, who stopped to enjoy the coffee or cool drinks and the Portuguese tarts, apple cake and savoury rice-and-sesame balls. Others had heard about it on Facebook or community email lists.

There were a dozen in the ukelele band along with Janet France, (just awarded the Willoughby Citizen of the Year!) There were friends and word-of-mouth visitors and many helpers from the Coal Loader Community Garden…


Thanks to all who worked to make it a successful day. Our next Cafés will be Sunday 5th and 12th Feb.

Congratulations too, to Bridget, who will be hosting a Pop-up Repair Café for jewellery on 16th February at her new studio in Ridge St North Sydney.

Repair Cafe enquiries- enter comments on this website or call Wendy 0410280912 or send email to

Permapatch enquiries – Mandy, President Permapatch Community Garden – or call 94362891

More Photos …


Successful Open Day with Permapatch Community Garden Held on Sunday 8 January 2017